Upcoming Awesomeness

By: Cascadia Support
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Hello and welcome to the new blog at Cascadia!

We are so glad that 2018 is finally done and over with...

To kick off an awesome new year, we are starting a transition to help reduce our environmental impact! Starting this month we are migrating all of our clients over to a new, faster, and greener server setup. Once complete, we won't be 80%, not 90%, but 100% renewable energy powered! All of our servers will be certified and verified green energy through Green-E.

We are planning on making 2019 one of the best years yet with some new services, completing the migration to 100% renewable energy powered servers, some pretty spectacular case studies, plus figuring out more ways to help make your web hosting experience that much more enjoyable!

Some other articles that will appear from time to time are helpful tips and tricks on how to maximize your site, small tweaks to have your site work harder, maybe the occasional gif, and plenty of humor thrown in for good measure. Otherwise reading all of this is going to be rather boring and not the goal.

Until next time!


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