WordPress Managed Security

Super Duper Secure

almost a modern marvel

reCaptcha Integration

We'll do the heavy lifting and make sure that every form submission, login, and comment on the site is an actual proven human being. Without having to play tic-tack-toe with Google all the time.

Scans Galore

Just about every file that is involved with the site will be scanned and verified no malicious content. If bad items are found, they are isolated for review.

Multiple Guards

We will help protect the site by marking transgressions against each visitor. If they are bots, they'll be blocked. If they're human, there will be warnings before being blocked.

Zone Restrictions

To help keep the site as secure as possible certain actions can be removed for certain or all users. So if Sally doesn't need to be able to delete plugins, she won't be able to, but Dan the web guy can. 

Commenting Filters

Managing comments in real time is next to impossible when you have amazing content. We can help ensure that no one else spam advertises, puts adult related content up, and more all without having to lift a finger!

User Management

We can help ensure that the password strength, length, and how often the password should be changed for everyone on the site. Plus we can help prevent fraudulent logins by allowing one login session at a time. After all, a site is only as strong as the weakest link!

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