Just a Few Things 

that we think are important and care about

Reducing our Impact

Technology is always changing for the better. We're following that trend and reduce our impact on the environment. Renewable powered servers are just the beginning!


All of our services have relatively no limits on them. This means you'll know how much your I.T. platform will cost today, next month, next quarter, etc. No surprises there.


Noun: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We strive to exceed that expectation each and everyday. Let's make that the new norm!

so who and what is

Cascadia Exactly?

Joshua Cheney
Chief Amazement Officer
In 2012 while Joshua (pictured left) was attending college, he started helping more and more of his friends and family with their phones and computers. Fixing issues here and there while providing friendly support helped his business grow steadily over the years. As his reputation grew, so did his client base, adding businesses and firms. That's when Cascadia Capturing Company was born.

In 2018 Cascadia was rebranded to Cascadia Web Services to better fit the our service offering. We treat each individual and business we work for with compassion and respect in a complete judgement-free zone. We are here to help no matter what! 
Cascadia Web Services is a division of Cascadia Web Services, LLC.